Saturday, 4 June 2011

UK Border Walk

6-7 August 2011
From Upsettlington to Hungry Law via Shid Law

UK Border Walk is a 77k walk along the English/Scottish border and an Artachat discussion in the Romany town of Kirk Yetholm halfway along the way.  

Both walk and talk aim to highlight and discuss the effects the Points Based System (PBS) has for arts and cultural activities across our communities in the UK.

UK Border Talk: Sat 6th August, 6pm
Wauchope Hall, Yetholm.
An open debate on the consequences of the PBS to UK cultural life.

UK Border Walk: Sunday 7 August, start 10 am
All are welcome to join Claudia and Rocca for all or part of the walk.
Please contact for more details.

What is PBS? In autumn 2008 the UK introduced a new points-based system (PBS) for managing migration to the UK. The regulations have led to a restriction of non-European artists’ ability to come to the UK, at the invitation of arts curators, promoters and artists. UK hosts are now required to be licensed sponsors if they wish to invite visiting artists. This has regulated the relationship between international artists and UK hosts from one of convivial artistic exchange, collaboration and cultural production to a contract which is excessively bureaucratic and treats international guest artists with suspicion and control.  PBS has led to the cancellation of artists’ residencies, exhibitions, productions and performances across the UK. Many artists are refused visas, others are deported from UK airports because they were not sponsored.

For a full dossier of testimonials, petition to UK Government and media coverage visit the Manifesto Club’s website:

For more information on transport and booking the hostel contact:

UK Border Walk is a partnership between:
Deveron Arts, Artachat, artsadmin and the Manifesto Club
In collaboration with GASWORKS, Thami Mynyele Foundation and Edinburgh Arts Festival

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